Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Renewable energy will decide the fight against climate change

Will our fight against climate change be successful or not? Well, the answer to this question mostly depends whether world makes quick transition to renewable energy. The sooner we make transition to renewable energy the better because otherwise carbon dioxide emissions will continue to grow and this will lead climate change to run out of control.

Renewable energy is growing fast but still represents only a small portion of world total energy use. Solar and wind energy sectors are developing really fast but are still far behind coal, oil and natural gas and this situation will likely remain the same for at least next two decades if not more.

Renewable energy technologies still need to mature and become more cost-competitive with fossil fuels. The science is working really hard to ensure equity between renewables and fossil fuels in terms of efficiency and costs, and although there is still a large gap between these two renewable energy is looking better and better with each new year.

Hopefully, there'll be enough time left to tackle climate change once these technologies become fully developed.

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