Friday, September 16, 2011

Don't worry, solar energy will still rule the world

If some company, not matter how big this company is, goes to bankruptcy this doesn't necessarily mean that everything in this sector is doomed for failure. Particularly not if we are talking about the solar energy industry, the only sector that is showing growth, and the one that is able to resist the overall economic slowdown.

Our Sun is the most abundant source of energy available in our planet, solar panels are becoming cheaper, and science is making them more efficient. Above everything solar energy has the biggest popularity of all other renewable energy sources so everything is there for future success.

The solar revolution has just started. There is much much more to come in years to follow. Let it shine :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go for renewables, forget about oil

Instead of focusing on how to ensure rapid renewable energy development world looks more worried about the fact that oil reserves are running out, in fact major oil companies are already planning massive oil exploration in Arctic.

Of course, the environmental price of this hunger for more oil will be enormous but this will mean very little to oil companies in their search for high profits.

The billions of dollars used for oil exploration of Arctic area would be more wisely used for developing new renewable energy technologies but politicians care very little about this. After all, oil lobbies are the ones controlling the global politics.