Monday, July 11, 2011

Alternative energy articles - Overview

Alternative energy articles like the name suggests are articles that discuss the impact of alternative (non-traditional) energy sources in todays world. Alternative energy sources include solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, nuclear power, tidal and wave power and biofuels. On the other hand traditional energy sources are coal, oil and natural gas which are usually referred to as fossil fuels.

Our society was based on fossil fuels, and fossil fuels are still dominant sources of energy. There are two main reasons why alternative energy sources are getting so much attention in the last few years- the fact that fossil fuels are limited resources that will eventually become depleted and also the fact that fossil fuels burning creates massive damage to our environment, particularly in form of climate change.

Wind and solar energy are two the most talked about alternative energy sources though they are still far away from being able to compete with fossil fuels on global level. At this moment wind and solar energy are not even two most important alternative energy sources because nuclear power and hydropower are currently leading the alternative energy sources pack.

Still, many energy experts expect that in years to come wind and sun will become the most important sources of clean renewable energy on our planet.

Geothermal energy is currently being harnessed in only small portion of the world because it is only economically viable in certain areas, tidal and wind power are more theoretical than practical solutions and biofuels are still being heavily mentioned in food vs fuel debate.

Will the future belong to alternative energy sources? Definitely, though maybe not because of our environmental concerns but mostly because of the future energy security issue.